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NETHERCOTT FARM – Residential Trip 2018

Nethercott is a working farm situated in Devon, the children work along side the resident farmers helping to carry out the daily farm routines e.g. cleaning out the dairy, grooming the donkeys and feeding the animals.

The children also take part in Forest School and a walk to the local village of Iddesleigh.

A time in their lives they will never forget!



PTFA Christmas Fair 2017

Thank you for all the kind donations brought in to school on non-uniform day.  We had lots to use for prizes at the PTA Christmas Fair on Thursday 7th December.  And thank you to everyone who came along and supported this event, as well as the PTFA for putting it all together.

IMG_1811 IMG_1812 IMG_1813 IMG_1814 IMG_1815 IMG_1817 IMG_1818 IMG_1819 IMG_1820 IMG_1821 IMG_1822 IMG_1824 IMG_1826 IMG_1827 IMG_1830

Year 2 Trip – London Transport Museum


In order to support our Topic: Wheels, Wings and other Things: Development of the train networks, Year 2 explored the London Transport Museum to participate in a workshop session called Transport through time where children explored how Victorian inventions revolutionised travel in London through role play and gallery investigation. Trace the evolution of transport and its impact on the people of London.

IMG_1830 IMG_1829 IMG_1825 IMG_1821 IMG_1820



A big thank you to all the parents, children and staff who helped to make this years Sports Days a success. Well done to Mr Delves as well for organising such great events. Please see below for some photographs from the event. 

IMG_0440 IMG_0441 IMG_0442 IMG_0443 IMG_0444 IMG_0445 IMG_0446 IMG_0447 IMG_0448 IMG_0449 IMG_0450 IMG_0451 IMG_0452 IMG_0453 IMG_0454 IMG_0455 IMG_0456 IMG_0457 IMG_0458 IMG_0459 IMG_0460 IMG_0461 IMG_0462 IMG_0463 IMG_0464 IMG_0465 IMG_0466 IMG_0467 IMG_0468 IMG_0469 IMG_0470 IMG_0471 IMG_0472 IMG_0473 IMG_0373 IMG_0374 IMG_0375 IMG_0376 IMG_0377 IMG_0378 IMG_0379 IMG_0380 IMG_0381 IMG_0382 IMG_0383 IMG_0384 IMG_0385 IMG_0386 IMG_0387 IMG_0388 IMG_0389 IMG_0393 IMG_0394 IMG_0395 IMG_0396 IMG_0397 IMG_0398 IMG_0399 IMG_0400 IMG_0401  IMG_0403 IMG_0404 IMG_0405 IMG_0406 IMG_0407 IMG_0408 IMG_0409 IMG_0410 IMG_0411 IMG_0412 IMG_0413 IMG_0414 IMG_0415 IMG_0416 IMG_0417 IMG_0418 IMG_0419 IMG_0420 IMG_0421 IMG_0423 IMG_0424 IMG_0425 IMG_0426 IMG_0427 IMG_0428 IMG_0429 IMG_0430 IMG_0431 IMG_0432 IMG_0433 IMG_0434 IMG_0435 IMG_0436 IMG_0437 IMG_0438